Washington Gun Law

Viewer Feedback on NRA: A Closer Look

Video Highlights

  • Many lifelong NRA members expressed their disappointment and lack of return on investment.
  • Critics cited leadership problems and lack of action in protecting gun rights as reasons for their dissatisfaction.
  • Several viewers mentioned supporting other organizations such as GOA and FPC.
  • Some viewers still defended the NRA, highlighting their role in legal battles and deflecting anti-gun attacks.
  • The importance of unity among gun owners and the NRA's role as a target for anti-gun agenda was also discussed.

Video Summary

In a recent video, Washington gun law President William Kirk addressed the overwhelming negative feedback and criticisms towards the National Rifle Association (NRA). The video was a response to earlier comments that were less than flattering about the NRA, prompting Kirk to ask viewers why there was so much hate towards the organization.


Kirk acknowledged that he had his own opinions about the matter, but he wanted to hear from the viewers and understand their perspective. He received a significant amount of messaging, and the feedback was consistent and critical of the NRA.


One common theme among the comments was the lack of return on investment for NRA members. Many lifelong members expressed their disappointment, stating that they had not seen any tangible benefits from their membership. They highlighted the decrease in support for the Education and Training Department, which now only has a few full-time employees, compared to the Direct Mail Fundraising department, which receives significant support. Some viewers also mentioned receiving constant requests for donations without seeing any significant action in promoting and protecting the Second Amendment.


Critics also pointed out leadership problems within the NRA, specifically mentioning NRA President Wayne LaPierre. They called for new leadership and expressed their dissatisfaction with the current state of the organization. Some viewers mentioned that they had stopped supporting the NRA until changes were made, while others redirected their donations to organizations like Gun Owners of America (GOA) and Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) that they believed were more effective in fighting for their rights.


The comments section of the video was filled with similar messages, with viewers expressing their disappointment and frustration with the NRA. Some viewers went as far as suggesting that the NRA had become another rogue federal agency and that their money was better spent elsewhere.


However, not all comments were critical of the NRA. Some viewers pointed out the NRA's role in deflecting anti-gun attacks and shouldering legal costs in cases like the Bruin case. They believed that credit should be given where it's due and commended the NRA for their efforts.


One viewer reminded gun owners of the importance of unity and cautioned against splintering within the community. They emphasized that the NRA, despite its flaws, was still the primary target and taking all the attacks from anti-gunners. They argued that the NRA's effectiveness could be seen in the animosity directed towards them.


In conclusion, the overwhelming negative feedback and criticisms towards the NRA highlighted the dissatisfaction among many lifelong members. Viewers expressed their disappointment with the lack of return on investment and called for new leadership. Some redirected their support to other organizations that they believed were more effective in protecting their Second Amendment rights. However, there were also viewers who defended the NRA and highlighted their role in defending gun rights and deflecting attacks. The importance of unity among gun owners and the NRA's position as a target for anti-gun agenda were also discussed.