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No Injunction Granted on Washington's Assault Weapon Ban

Video Highlights

  • Judge declines to issue injunction in Guardian Arms vs Inslee case
  • Court believes there is a dispute on whether assault weapons constitute bearable arms
  • Judge believes there is a legitimate dispute on whether assault weapons can be regulated
  • Alliance for Gun Responsibility denied jointer on the case
  • Arguments on the merits to be held at a later date

Video Summary

Today, in the case of Guardian Arms vs Inslee, Washington's first challenge to the assault weapon ban, the judge in Thurston County Superior Court has declined to issue an injunction. While this outcome was expected, the reasoning provided by the court is both confusing and demoralizing.


The judge's first reason for denying the injunction is that there is a legitimate dispute, both in law and fact, as to whether assault weapons even constitute bearable arms under the Second Amendment. This ruling is perplexing as it questions the very nature of what can be considered a firearm under Washington's new law.


The second reason provided by the judge is that there is a legitimate dispute as to whether assault weapons can be regulated. This aligns with the purpose of the lawsuit itself, which seeks to determine the legality of regulating assault weapons. However, it is ironic that the judge cites this as a reason for denying the injunction, as it implies that an injunction would never be possible if it is based on the issue that created the lawsuit in the first place.


The third reason given by the court is that there is no actual harm to anyone, as individuals can still purchase firearms other than assault weapons. This reasoning is disingenuous, as it fails to acknowledge the infringement on the rights of gun owners who wish to possess assault weapons.


In an interesting turn of events, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, a group that frequently joins in on lawsuits related to gun rights, was denied jointer on the case. They may renew their motion in the future, but it is expected that their arguments will lack creativity, as they have not shown any in the past decade.


While the injunction was not granted, the case will continue with arguments on the merits to be heard at a later date. Gun owners are reminded to stay informed about their Second Amendment rights and to know the law in every situation they may encounter. For more information or any questions regarding Second Amendment rights, please refer to the contact information provided in the description box.


Stay safe and stay informed.