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Governor Pritzker's Plan for Complete Civilian Disarmament Revealed

Video Highlights

  • Governor Pritzker equates semi-automatic firearms to missile launchers
  • The trend of prominent politicians advocating for complete civilian disarmament
  • Increase in crime and use of firearms in the commission of crimes
  • Governor Pritzker's plan to ban all semi-automatic firearms
  • Proof that the goal of gun control advocates is complete civilian disarmament

Video Summary

Welcome to Washington Gun Law TV, where we discuss the latest developments in gun laws. In this episode, we focus on Illinois and Governor JB Pritzker's alarming stance on firearms. Governor Pritzker, along with other politicians, has been increasingly vocal about their desire for complete civilian disarmament. This goes against their claims of wanting reasonable gun control measures. Let's delve deeper into this issue.


The case we are addressing is Harold V Raul, which challenges Illinois's assault weapon ban. The ban was hastily passed into law within 72 hours, turning an innocuous insurance bill into a complete ban on semi-automatic rifles and other firearms. This sudden change highlights the ulterior motives of those advocating for gun control measures.


Many gun control proponents argue that they only seek reasonable restrictions, but recent statements from prominent politicians reveal a different agenda. Governor Pritzker, in particular, has equated semi-automatic firearms to missile launchers. This comparison is absurd and shows a lack of understanding of the different types of firearms and their lawful uses.


A vast majority of firearms in circulation in Illinois are semi-automatic. These firearms are commonly used for self-defense purposes and are owned by responsible citizens. Governor Pritzker's comments suggest that his next step is to ban all semi-automatic firearms. This is a dangerous slippery slope, where any infringement on gun rights can lead to further restrictions and ultimately, complete civilian disarmament.


This trend of advocating for civilian disarmament is not limited to Governor Pritzker. Other politicians, such as Governor Newsom in California and Governor Hochul in New York, share the same goal. Their actions, coupled with the defunding of law enforcement, have resulted in an increase in crime, including violent crimes involving firearms. Despite passing numerous gun control laws, the numbers continue to rise, proving that these measures are ineffective in addressing the root causes of crime.


It is crucial to recognize the playbook being used by these politicians. They exploit the fear of rising crime rates to push their agenda of complete civilian disarmament. By disarming law-abiding citizens, they aim to strip away their ability to defend themselves and rely solely on the government for protection. This is a dangerous path that undermines individual freedom and empowerment.


For those who still believe in reasonable gun control measures, Governor Pritzker's statements should serve as a wake-up call. It is clear that the ultimate goal of these politicians is to disarm the civilian population entirely. They disregard the rights of responsible gun owners and prioritize their own political agendas.


If you have any questions about this topic or any other gun-related issues, feel free to reach out to Washington Gun Law for more information. Remember, as responsible gun owners, it is crucial to stay informed about the laws and regulations that affect us. Understanding our rights and how they apply in different situations is essential for maintaining our freedom and ensuring our safety. Until next time, stay safe and stay vigilant.